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Just sick

I think we have to put Mr. Pibb down. I took him to our regular vet because we didn't trust the opinion we were given on what's wrong with him from the SPCA vet. Turns out he has a very low white blood cell count (around 1000), is septasemic, has bilateral pneumonia, and suspected parvo. The heartworm count in his blood is extremely high. We can hospitalize him there for an unknown length of time, with treatment around $100 a day, and if he responds to treatment, he would have a 50/50 shot of living.


The poor baby is so sweet, and it just sucks that this has to happen to him. I've got to go cry now as I pick him up from the vet and go to bitch out the SPCA. They have a $500 cap for treatment during the 14 day period after adoption. They need to treat this baby, give me my money back, do SOMETHING!!!!

I don't want him to suffer through all of this.


Oct. 2nd, 2007 04:12 am (UTC)
Hah, I prolly came across ya and didn't even know it. I work Sun-Wed, all day. I'm usually in the back, working the adoption floor, though I sometimes wander off durring quiet times to do laundry, wash dishes, take trash out, ect. Name's Kristin, btw.

All those Chihuahuas and the dachshund that were in the back are from the 106 dogs puppy mill rescue on Sept. 13. We sent most of them to Dallas, since we just got in another puppy mill with 240 dogs last Wednesday. Mostly smaller breeds, but they won't be available till after Oct. 5.

The little black lab puppy prolly won't get much over 40lbs I think, as usually at 3 months of age, the big labs are already much bigger. Her sister was adopted Sunday, so we're hoping she'll find a home as well soon.

Our holding area is nearly full, so we'll have lots of dogs coming to the adoption floor all week.
Oct. 2nd, 2007 04:37 am (UTC)
We had to have run across each other. I feel like I spent half of my day over there with Mr. Pibb from lunchtime until almost 3. I was in the back to hand him over, the middle to have the vet look over the records, and then in the available dogs section.

When I go in on Wednesday, I'll ask if you are around. I plan on looking on Wednesday and Friday in McKinney and maybe take a Wednesday or Thursday trip to the Dallas office. If not, I'll try to go to the offsite this Saturday at Collin Creek.