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Ok, so Pepper and Barqs are negative for heartworms and if they had caught kennel cough from Mr. Pibb they would already be showing at least some signs of infection. Our vet said they were healthy as could be, although they do still need a stool sample looking for worms. OH JOY! Poop patrol in the backyard!

As for Mr. Pibb, our normal vet differed slightly with the opinion of the SPCA vet (who only took about a minute with him, listened to his heart and lungs, then did nothing else). He said that the coughing/gagging, since it IS productive, along with the lethargy and loss of appetite, probably ARE due to the heartworms instead of bordatella. Our vet also said that the next 60 days will be hard on everyone involved, but if we get Mr. Pibb through the next 60 or so days he should be fine and return to the wonderful dog we're sure he will be.

I feel MUCH better now!!!! I'm off to fight the second part of the attack at work ;)


Sep. 24th, 2007 11:42 pm (UTC)
Oh, we DO get them vaccinated each year. They were just DUE for their annual this month. So instead of having this happen, say, two months after their vaccinations, when you know they are fresh, but happening when they are due for vaccinations and they are probably weak....