trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Ready to hit the roof, part 1

Part 2 is work related, so I won't post it here. I'll just let it stagnate in my brain like some kind of cancer.

Our little darling, Mr. Pibb, the rescue terrier? Yes, he's heartworm positive as we knew, but it really isn't very bad. His heart and lungs sound clear as a bell, SPCA pays for the heartworm treatment, and it isn't something that is very likely to be transferred to our two dogs - especially since they were on heartworm preventative.

Of course, they are due for their shots this month...

Which is why I was HIGHLY pissed, to the point of crying and screaming, when we went in today for our 'well check' with the SPCA - 2 days after adopting Pibb - to find out the hacking, lethargy and loss of appetite aren't heartworm-related.

It's Kennel Cough. Bordatella. Freaking HIGHLY contagious.

So, Scott has our two dogs at the vet right now getting their shots and looked over. I certainly hope that all of the other dogs we've come in contact with the past few days are up on their shots.

In the car, I was actually asking Scott if he WANTED the dog (enough to fight for it). His first response was that I had already adopted him and taken him out of probably the best opportunity he had to be adopted. I asked again, but do you WANT him? He said he would help me run around to appointments and give medicine. No, but do you WANT him? He finally said yes, he liked the dog but he was just three ways of sick and that made him pretty much just lay there. I was really upset, but I think we are both resolved now to do whatever it takes to make Mr. Pibb healthy again, and hope that once he feels better, he will become a happy, active dog like he should be as a one-year-old.

Going off to snuggle him and stew about bad luck. Scott warned me at Oktoberfest when we were talking about adopting him that I don't have good luck picking animals. Half of them are some sort of mutants (I have a half-sized Sheltie, used to have a ferret with brain damage, had a pregnant practically-rabid rat, a channel blue catfish fingerling in my aquarium (don't ask) and other such oddities)
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