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Car Choices

I need your opinion!!!!

Poll #1059226 Car Choice

Which car should I buy (and why?)

Dodge Grand Caravan
Honda Odyssey
Chrysler Town & Country
Toyota Sienna


Sep. 22nd, 2007 03:15 am (UTC)
I love my Grand Caravan. Love love love, and I don't even have one of the fully-loaded ones (mine's fairly stripped down). The Stow n Go seats are awesome, and having ridden and driven both the Grand Caravan and the Odyssey (a 2001), the seats are much more comfortable in the Dodge. At least the front seats. Not sure if I noticed a difference in the back seats (though in both of them, I've only been in the very back row, b/c there are always kids in the middle row). The front seats on the Odyssey are not as deep and/or sit more upright. I feel like I'm having to lean forward in them.

Oh...and even though the middle row of seats on mine are not Stow n Go, I still have the compartments in front of them where they WOULD store, if they were Stow n Go, and that makes some AWESOME storage space (when ya gotta make the interior of the car presentable, it's very easy to just shove stuff down there ;) ).

Honda has the rep, and my brother told me to not buy a Dodge product (I come from a Ford family, through and through), but in a year and a half, I have had no non-routine issues with my Caravan. It's a 2005, and I bought it in '06.
Sep. 22nd, 2007 03:17 am (UTC)
(And I think you should have made the Chrysler and the Dodge just one option, since they're the same in almost all respects ;) Otherwise, I wish I could vote for two, in order to mark both of them.)