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Want. Want. Want!

I want the Canon EOS Rebel XTi SO BAD! I NEED a digital SLR.

I actually wanted a Nikon D40, but then I found out that all of my lenses from my film Canon Rebel wouldn't work on it. They will, however, work on the Canon DSLR. So tonight I dug out all of my camera equipment. I found my filter mount, along with a macro filter, UV filter, prism and polarizer. I found my hot flash, two cameras (old Yashica FX-103 and my Canon Rebel G) and three lenses (A Tamron 28-70, a Canon 28-80, and a Quantaray 70-300).

I also found a BOATLOAD of film, which I wonder if it is still any good. 200, 400 and 800. It's worth a try. Worse thing that could happen is they don't turn out. I got a roll of film developed about 10 or so years ago that was taken SPRING BREAK....1987!!! Only a few turned out, but that was really strange to see.

Anyway, enough rambling. If Scott does get a job, and we get our fence repaired, a new dishwasher and a new car for me, then maybe I'll get my camera.


Sep. 18th, 2007 09:46 pm (UTC)
One is digital, one is film? The reason I don't use my film camera more is because I really like to be able to view whether I got the shot I was going for (is it clear? depth of field what I was going for? all of that, instead of taking 5 bracketed shots) as well as being able to instantly upload or print a photo here at home.

With film, you have no idea whether you got the right shots and have to take it in somewhere to be developed. Many of the one-hour places (not ALL) are not as good quality-wise as sending it off for development, so there is a lag time for photos. You also have to then pay extra to have the photo in digital format or scan it yourself.

I _LOVELOVELOVE_ my SLR, but have found that I rarely use it for regular photography because of the hassle and time. I use my point and shoot digital a LOT and want to get back into more 'quality' photography.

Bet you didn't think the answer would be that long and involved, did you? :)