trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Medicate me

I got home late Friday night after a mostly uneventful flight, took an Ambien, and slept through until about 11. I guess I needed to catch up on sleep. Saturday afternoon, I took my mom home and then started on painting the living room. I'm about half done painting it a shade lighter than the kitchen. I was worried about doing this room, because it requires me to use a ladder. On the other rooms, with 'normal' height ceilings, I could get a step-stool and reach the top of the wall. In here, for three-quarters of the room, I have a full sized ladder where I have to go to the next to the last step and reach up to paint where the wall meets the ceiling. Because of this, I am painting all of the top and all of the trim, then I'll go back with an extended roller to finish.

I feel re-energized after a week in Colorado working. I slept really well every night, and one night I even fell asleep at 8:30! Absolutely unheard of.

Now, let's go down the list of things either pissing me off or making me really happy. I'll let you sort them out.

- Today I passed a man riding a really big unicycle and wearing one of those black funnel-type hates you used to see on Chinese people tending rice. It was like a rikashaw driver without the rickashaw. I had to call Scott to make sure I wasn't hallucinating when I LEFT the house.

- The boys had their check-up last week, and, unfortunately, if things don't change with Matthew's phimosis (inability to retract the foreskin at all) we might have to get him surgery, like we did for Michael a few years back. Dammik! What were we THINKING keeping them both intact when they were born? We've had no problems with infection or any of the others issues that used to be why people thought kids needed to be cut, but both have been cursed with this inability to retract.

- When I told the boys that Matthew might have to have surgery like Michael had if his medicine (steroid ointment) doesn't work, Michael's hand went down in front of his groin. It was the same reaction grown men have when you mention someone being kicked in the balls. I almost laughed if it hadn't been so sad at the same time. :)

- We may have some really good news next week about Scott. I'm saying nothing more so I don't jinx it.

- Matthew's tonsils have flared up again. They are big enough to make him choke when he tries to eat. I thought we were past this. I had my tonsils out when I was in 2nd grade, he might head the same way.

- I got a great package (again) in the mail from GS! Two wonderful fridge magnets (one was my first Beatle's album - Let it Be), and a great leopard print neck bandana for Barqs! WooHoo! ThankyouThankyouThankyou!!!!!

Back to painting!
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