trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Home again, home again

I'm home from Colorado, but I'll post about that later.

Meanwhile, before bed, I will leave you with that career search thing.

Amazingly, it put me in the two clusters of 'Computers & Telecom' and 'Education and Social Services'. I think those two fit me pretty good. Now, the specific recommendations they made were a bit...odd.

1. Communications Specialist Good Match

2. ESL Teacher Good Match

3. Computer Trainer Fair Match

4. Business Systems Analysys Good Match

5. Computer Programmer Good Match

6. Video Game Developer Good Match

7. Multimedia Developer Good Match

8. Elementary School Teacher Good Match

9. Computer Support Person Good Match

10.Early Childhood Educator Good Match

11.Technical Writer Questionable Match

12.Web Developer Fair Match

13.Animator Good Match

14.Professor Good Match

15.Lobbyist Good Match

16.Critic Good Match

17.Human Resources Specialist Good Match

18.Mediator Fair Match

19.Announcer Good Match

20.Writer Good Match

21.Director Good Match

22.Artist Good Match

23.Adoption Counselor Good Match

24.Cartoonist / Comic Illustrator Good Match

25.Civil Litigator Fair Match

26.Lawyer Fair Match

27.Costume Designer Fair Match

28.Political Aide Fair Match

29.Film Editor Fair Match

30.Fundraiser Good Match

31.Clergy Good Match

32.Corporate / Commercial Lawyer Fair Match

33.Special Effects Technician Fair Match

34.Webmaster Good Match

35.Microbiologist Good Match

36.Computer Engineer Good Match

37.Botanist Fair Match

38.Scientist Fair Match

39.Zoologist Fair Match

40.Casting Director Good Match

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