trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Drill, drill, drill

I hate the damn dentist. Not MY dentist in particular, but just dentists in general.

Since I used all of my dental insurance on a root canal at the beginning of the year, I have been trying to wait until January to get the rest of my dental work completed.

Then about 2-3 days ago, one of my teeth started hurting to the point where I couldn't chew on that side and my gum was hurting. I was so scared it was a cavity requiring another root canal.

Two Xanax later, they got me into the dentists chair. Turns out it was NOT a cavity, but just a hole in my tooth. I have another one like it. There are two causes - one, I brush way too hard (even with a soft brush) and have removed the enamel from many of my back teeth, and two, when I clench my teeth, it is putting force on the tooth where there is no protective enamel and it starts to chip away. That hole was irritating my gum and cheek, and allowing sensitivity straight to the nerve.

Why do dentists think that the best way to find out exactly where you are hurting is to take a sharp metal hook and jab it into you? I had a book and pencil in my lap when he jabbed that thing directly into the hole and I swear I must have come about a foot off the table. The pencil went flying across the room. Then, he numbed me, which involves me in an almost fetal position and trying to hold still through muted screams. Yes, I'm that much of a baby at the dentist. Thus, the Xanex, which isn't NEAR enough.

He smoothed out the area on the problem tooth and filled it in. Also gave me a prescription strength flouride toothpaste to try to build back up my enamel and prevent further cavities.

Now, we're back to seeing if I can make it until January.
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