trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Please, some zzzz's

My husband must have taken an Ambien to 'go to sleep early' at 11. I stayed up about 30 minutes longer to finish up some laundry, but did NOT take an Ambien. Scott is now snoring loud enough you can hear him all over the downstairs. I'm used to his snoring, but if he is already snoring before I've gone to sleep, it keeps me from falling asleep.

It's already midnight and I have to get up at 6:30 to get the boys ready for school. If I take an Ambien, I'll be TIRED tomorrow, and I have my first one-on-one with my new boss at 10 am. If I don't take it, I'll be up half the night and be exhausted tomorrow night when Lethe and the Fam get here. Guess I'll be taking that little pill.

On a completely unrelated note, when I was cleaning out the garage so I could paint the floors, I took anything that needed to go to the dump and just piled it up in the backyard. I meant to take it to the dump within a day or so. We just now got around to making the dump run and you would be amazed what we found. An old grill, which I replaced with a brand-spanking new gas grill for Father's Day, had become the home to a cute little mouse. I felt so bad kicking him out of his home, but we certainly don't need mice living in our backyard. Thankfully, having house guests, namely children who would probably love to play on the swingset in the backyard, gave us the energy to make two trips to the dump with the car just LOADED. I also pulled out all of the sunflowers that are now an annual part of my garden. Whether I want them or not. What was I thinking? :)

I went to put new sheets on the guest bed and found that the nice fitted sheet now had absolutely no elastic. How do you lose the ENTIRE elastic from a queen fitted sheet? I'll have to get some thin elastic and spend goodness only knows how long threading it through there.

Ok, I'm actually going to take an Ambien and try to get some sleep before it really DOES get to be too late.
Tags: cleaning, sleep
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