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I'm really glad Scott went with the extended warranty on it. I know they usually tell you not to get those, but it has been a Godsend for me. My car has been towed to the dealer YET AGAIN. However, FREE again. I'll have my $50 copay to get it fixed, which we think is probably the starter or alternator. We tried jumping the car off to no avail. It just sat dead as a brick in the driveway.

This just months after the transmission exploded.

Which was just months after a piston stopped firing.

The extended warranty and my roadside assistance is up in January. Guess who is getting a new car in January????

With an extended warranty, no matter what the 'experts' tell you.


Sep. 5th, 2007 01:41 pm (UTC)
I agree about the warranty, and you should use it fully!
I have a 2000 Windstar and the only problem I have had is that my heater is not working properly. Its just a valve thats stuck and wont cost much. I did get tons of work done on lil things before my extended warranty went up on the vehicle. A sensor changed, new rings on the engine, and a few other things but honestly, this van has cost me less than the past 2 Aerostars I had. We took it in and had a mechanic write down everything that was covered that needed to be done. I took it to Ford and they did it all. I had one thing to get fixed on my own, which was a hub bearing that went a year later. Not the end of the world. It made it from Chicago to North Carolina and back without issues and Im about 200 miles from crossing that big 100K.
Im sorry you are having such bad luck, I know when my parents bought my moms 4th Grand Am it wasn't out of the lot a week and she had to take it back for multiple things and its been like this since. None were massive like yours but I honestly feel there is always one person working on a line who doesn't finish a job and messes up the whole vehicle for the person buying it. My family is known for busing the same vehicles repeatedly. I buy the Ford Vans, My mother and her grand Ams, My step dad is on his 3rd Hyundai and I had one as well, and our house has owned 3 Saturns as well. Everyone of us has had a lemon in the lot, I think its common.