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Now, for the happy

  • Sometimes, I want to crawl into bed with the kids and just snuggle them all night. They are so sweet and I love them so much. We tend to focus on the negative - what they have done wrong or what is wrong with them - that we miss the every day joys. I want to recognize the good to get past the bad.

  • A doctor today told me something I haven't heard anyone say in a while - "God, you look just like Meryl Streep". Umm, I know he MEANT it to maybe be a compliment, but I don't think she is at ALL attractive. Yes, I have heard people say that I look like her at times. Doesn't mean I like that fact. But, I know he was attempting to say something nice, so I look at the intent and feel good about it.

  • My husband comes home tomorrow after 2 weeks away. I have missed him SOOOO much and I can't wait to see him. I know that he will make me feel better, hold me, and even watch the kids for a while to give me a chance at some 'me time'.

  • I slept SOOO good last night after not sleeping for two days. It was a wonderful feeling!!!!

  • Another wonderful feeling: As I had also not SHOWERED in two days, I got up early to shower this morning. Nothing makes you feel energized and CLEAN better than having gone a while without it.

  • Finally, tomorrow is my jewelry party. I wish it was a party for MY jewelry, but it's actually for Premier. I'll get a cool tennis bracelet for hosting, get $25 in free jewelry and a portion of the sales in free jewelry. That's actually not what I'm looking forward to. Scott will be home and has said he will deal with the kids. I will have a night to drink and unwind with friends. Not as many friends as I would like, but the ones that will be there mean a lot to me. I invited about 15 people, and several will be out of town. Only 5 RSVP'd, and several haven't even replied one way or the other. I have lots of snacks and drinks, plates, cups, and the house is pretty clean. I don't care if only one person shows up (although I'm sure the jewelry rep does!), I plan to relax and have a great time.