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Got some new shoes :)

GS and I are probably the only ones who actually remember what I'm talking about, but I have to bounce off the walls for this.

Last September, when I visited GS, we went shopping. I know. Hard to believe, huh? We were having horrible luck finding shoes I wanted in my size at Nordstrom's. The sales guy had me pegged and brought out a pair I had missed. A pair of Mephisto sandals - leopard print soles, sort of a bronze/gold leather strap and rhinestone buckles. They mold to your feet and are the most comfortable things in the world! I have been wearing mine fairly constantly throughout the past year, and it shows. :)

Today, I stopped in Nordstrom Rack on the way to pick up the kids. On one hand, I really shouldn't have spent the money. On the other hand, I've been saying I love the shoes so much I wouldn't hesitate to spend it again.

There were three styles there for over HALF what I paid for my shoes last year! One was a hideous lime green strap and tan sole. The one I REALLY wanted they didn't have in my size - a pink leopard print with pink leather straps. Dammick!

Here is what I finally bought - in contrast to the ones I bought last year. *bounce bounce*

And no - the shoes on the left aren't dirty. I've actually worn down into the bottom of the shoes that much.


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Aug. 29th, 2007 12:51 am (UTC)
I remember those shoes. ;)
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