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Kick-A-Thon results and pictures

The Vision Martial Arts Kick-A-Thon turned out to be a smashing success, so to speak!

We raised around $2000 for the Children's Advocacy Center of Collin Country, to help abused and neglected children. Our 'team' (Michael and Matthew) at last count was the lead fundraiser with almost $400!!!!!! Thank you so much for those of you who pledged to help us raise money for this great charity!

It was great the way they broke up the kicks over the two hours, with 150 at a time and different kinds of kicks, so that they didn't get bored or too tired. In between 'sets' they would do demonstrations, such as Kenpo takedowns or board breaking. Michael and Matthew got a signed board after one of our instructors broke four stacked 3/4 and one inch boards.

Our sensei, Ms. Reeve, tells the kids about the history of Tae Kwon Do, and the other forms of martial arts that they teach: (The black belts on the wall behind her are 'motivational' for dedicated students. Something visual to focus on.)

The kids line up in groups to kick across the mats (Michael is in the black t-shirt and green shorts, and Matthew is in a white t-shirt and blue jean shorts near the end): (They are a little out of chronological order, and at this point, the kids were so tired there was very little coordination between students on their kicks)

Michael and Matthew in front of the 'kick counter':

Matthew chambering for a side kick:


I love Michael's high chamber for a side kick to the head, but we are having to work on keeping his hands up:

Pairing up for non-stop spin kicks:

A view of part of the room:

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