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I'm tired, yawning even, but not able to sleep. I can't shut my mind off.

I have always slept under a sheet and comforter. In the summer, we keep the fan on and sleep that same way. It's how I've always slept.

Enter menopause.

I can't sleep with the comforter anymore. Heck, I can barely sleep under a sheet! I typically end up with it across my hips, with my legs and upper body uncovered. If I get 'cold', I slip under the sheet. It's been a massive change in the way I sleep and I really do miss the days of snuggling down under a massive comforter and laying side-by-side with my hubby. If a sheet is too much, just imagine what body heat does.

I keep doing TKD forms in my head. I guess that's a GOOD thing because I will learn them well that way. It's how I used to learn all of my payouts on craps. I just figured odds in my sleep. Now I do TKD in my sleep.

Off to play some POGO games for a while and hope I can go to sleep soon.

Good night, and good morning.


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Aug. 7th, 2007 03:47 am (UTC)
When I got into bed last night with my hubby, he was radiating body heat. I don't know what it is! And it's been so unbearably hot recently, it's all I could do to not sleep in the bathtub just to have some coolness.
Anyway. I sleep with the blanket the same way you do. When I wake up, it'll usually be just around my mid-section. Dunno why, but I do tend to get hot easily.
( 1 thought — Whatcha' think? )