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Thank goodness I've been putting all of my files on a central file server.

I went into my office earlier and my machine needed to reboot because of an update. I tried to reboot it, and it stopped part of the way through the reboot. I shut it off and booted up again. Stopped in the same place. Tried again. Same thing.

Called in my backup - Scott :) He found the same thing and started working on it. Last thing he told me was that it looks like my power supply overheated or the fan blew out or something, and it fried out some other things in the machine, like the new graphics card he just put in a while back.


I guess I need to start looking for a new computer because I've had this one a long time. Not like I can afford one. Yeah, my bonus had better be REALLY good this quarter and end of year.

- New fence
- New car
- New dishwasher
- Husband out of work
- Now new computer

I repeat....GRRRRR!!!!!

On a brighter note - Tae Kwon Do was great tonight. Good workout, did some powerful kicks to get stress out and got much better on my two latest forms.


Aug. 1st, 2007 06:37 pm (UTC)
The BG's laptop has been doing that failure to successfully reboot after an update thing too. It's had him pulling his hair out (since his final exam is tomorrow) and yelling at me (since he thinks I broke his computer).

How come something as marvelous as a computer can make us so crazy?