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- I started physical therapy again today. New physical terrorist, but this one seems nice enough. For now :) I think I'm going to LIKE this therapy, because it is the targeted exercises, following by heat and E-stim, then trigger-point massage therapy. How awesome is that?

- Tomorrow, my new physical terrorist is giving me my first ever 'spine realignment'. I'm scared! :) He's not sure why, possibly because I shield my body against the pain in my back, but one vertebrae in my neck is out of line (you can actually feel the bone off to the side) and my pelvic bone is out of whack for whatever reason. He plans to 'fix' that over the next few visits and says it may make my pain less, get rid of my headaches and even make me a bit more flexible. Wouldn't that be nice?

- Matthew is a nut. He was showing off his wee willy winky to people in his Karate camp today. Our sensei gave him LOTS of bunny hops as a punishment, then we had the TALK once he got in the car. He can be naked in his room if he wants, and run around the house all he wants in his underwear. Just NEVER do either in public :)

- Hubby is still out a job, but does have several irons in the fire. YAY!

- I realized I still have a couple of gift cards for a spa day. I NEED to take that soon!

- The project at work that has had me so stressed I was ready to scream (but instead just drank a lot) is almost complete. *bounce* I can actually BREATHE now. I had time to file my email today. And quit working before midnight. And make this post.


Jul. 17th, 2007 09:59 pm (UTC)
I think it takes a 'mean black belt' to make them do them. The kind that are ALWAYS addressed with ma'am or sir. :)

As for what they are, picture this:

- Squat down on the tips of your toes, hands touching the ground in front of you (like a frog about to hop)

- LEAP up into the air, leaving the ground, all the while standing straight up and raising your hands over your head.

- As you land, come back down into the frog crouch.

Make your way around the outside of the room by doing that. :)

I think it's akin to something we used to be tortured with have to do in P.E. when I was little. They called them Burpees.

- Start standing up with hands on hips
- Squat down and put your hands on the floor in front of you
- Kick your legs out behind you, like you are ready to do a pushup
- Pull your legs back in so you are squatting again
- Stand back up