trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Just a few notes and pictures

- After not sleeping at all Thursday night, I took a Ambien Napien (did anyone see that Simpsons episode??? Laughed my ass off) last night around 10 and slept like a rock.

- I miss me some GS and LG. So do Michael and Matthew.

- Matthew's great wonders of swimming underwater have given him swimmer's ear. He's in intense pain, getting ear drops, and can't swim today at his 'girlfriend's birthday party. While getting his prescription filled, I also bought childrens-size swimmers ear plugs. Hopefully, that will help him for a while.

- I'm ready to rip the intercom system out of the wall! It's gone wacky and is clicking on and off repeatedly. Even turning the volume down you still hear the clicking. We can't find anything to fix it so we might end up just taking it off, pulling the wires, and putting it back.

- Three boards of our fence have rotted off thanks to two months of almost non-stop rain. With Scott's layoff, I'm going to have to call someone to just repair it instead of getting the new fence we had planned.

- For those of you who don't also read GS's journal, while we were at lunch with some friends, Michael started drawing some intricate lines and circles while the other kids were scribbling. When my friend, Camille, asked him what he was drawing, his response was 'Molecules', err 'Molcools' *laugh*. We shouldn't have made such a big deal out of it, because last night he was talking about inventions he was going to make, how rich he was going to become and 'everyone will know that I am BRILLIANT'. Ummm...ego check. You're six and just learning to read. I think I'll have them hold the Nobel Prize for a few years.

- I just realized that while GS and I took plenty of pictures, I didn't get anyone to take pics of us together. I'm bummed about that.

Matthew about to do a 'canyonball' :)

Michael clings to his noodle:

Science experiments:

Matthew and Michael:

All of our boys:

Me and Matthew:

Me and Michael:

Michael and LG:

Me and the LG:


Me and Duncan, weswilson and dawsongirl70's adorable little boy:

standbackstevie's daughter with my boys:

Me with my boys:

Me with standbackstevie:


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