trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Huntsville trip, Part two

The rest of the trip was SO much fun!!! I guess I'll break it into three posts.

These pictures are NOT in chronological order, but rather grouped by subject.

This one is so good, it can't be hidden behind a cut. Don't GS and I have the greatest boys?

We got to meet a lot of my old friends, and I was glad that GS got to share that with me.

This is my VERY first best friend, Camille. She lived a few doors down from me and we were fairly inseperable until I was around eight. She taught me to cheer, I taught her to swim, she tried to teach me how to hit a softball - to no avail. She brought her kids and her mom to lunch with me, my mom, my boys, GS and her LG.

GS and the Little Guy:

I also got to visit with weswilson, dawsongirl70 and their little Duncan.

Thankfully, I spent a lot of time with my best friend from about 6th grade on, Tina. She finally got to meet my boys:

One night, we all did room service in GS's room and the boys watched a movie while we talked:

On the way to the airport on the last day, we also got to meet standbackstevie and her daughter for lunch. Awesome! It's so great to meet new LJ friends, especially fellow Auburn fans!

Please, oh please, ignore what I look like in this photo! I was getting ready to travel with kids so I had no makeup and comfy clothes. :)

Finally - on to the BUBBLES!!!!!

Did you know you are supposed to TASTE bubbles? The boys did!


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