trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Huntsville trip, Part one

I'm amazed we made it to Huntsville! Despite showing up at the airport at least an hour and a half before the 7 am flight, we were still in line trying to check our bags when our flight left. All of the Dallas to Birmingham flights were overbooked the rest of the day. We ended up going to Austin, then to Nashville. Our travel from Dallas to Huntsville took us over 12 hours!

It was good to get there, though! Since we were so late, we really didn't do anything except eat Thursday night. What a NIGHTMARE after such a long travel day. We went to my favorite restaurant for over 20 years. The food took forever, had no taste and then the waitress spilled drink refills all over me and my food I waited so long for. I hadn't even had a bite. Then when she went to wipe off the table, she used the old tablecloth and spilled the ice and drink over me again.

At least we slept well.

Friday got much better! We got to see some of our old family friends, and I went to a friend's 40th birthday.

What are YOU lookin' at?????

My dear friend, Della, who was the junior bridesmaid at our wedding, and her sweet little girl:

The kids spent a good portion of the trip around the Gameboy. Don't you LOVE how Michael and Matthew snuggle each other?

The boys' first room service. Dig that chocolate milk mouth!

Finally, I left mom with the boys on Friday night to go to Thomas' birthday party. Probably the only person I really knew there other than Thomas was Becca - who looks hot on a scooter:

Thomas and Jay, former owner of Sunburst Records in Huntsville (may it rest in peace):

Thomas with my EVER so thoughtful present of reading glasses, geritol and preperation H.

When I finally came back, I saw what makes it all worthwhile:

The rest of the trip will follow in a couple of posts.

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