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Picture this - I felt like Phillip, my physical terrorist,
went rapelling off of my legs. :) I was laying on my back,
with my knees drawn up (a triangle formed by my legs and
the table). Phillip puts a hefty strap through my legs
behind my knees, wraps it around himself and then leans
backwards. He stayed like that for almost 10 minutes.
We must have been a sight *laugh*

It was a bad day for my back - and after we worked on
it for a while, I just came home and blissed out. Maybe
I'll watch a little TV or just snooze. I've still got
to make hotel and rental car reservations for this
weekend in Huntsville. Things would be so much easier
if I wasn't having to take my mom and could just crash
on a friend's floor or something. Instead I have to go
all 'official traveller' and get a hotel. And with my
mom there I can't even throw a good party in it *grin*

Hey - just got a good double squeeze from Michael and
Matthew and Scott is taking them upstairs to watch a movie
and let momma have some time to herself. My men are the