trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Bummed today

I'm just a little bummed today. I went for an expansion today and a doctor visit. We had every hope that he would do a large expansion as they have the past few visits and say that we were done until the surgery in a couple of months.

No such luck. He didn't like the way the skin was looking like it had been overstretched a bit. He wouldn't expand really today (only 25 ccs instead of the usual 120 ccs) and said he wants to do two more expansions. So, I have an appointment in three weeks, then another 2 weeks after that if all looks good. Then in 6 weeks another visit with the doctor. IF he says all looks good, then we can schedule the final surgery (replacement of the expander with an implant and some lipo) for 2 months after that.

In other words, I'm look towards at LEAST four months before I'm done. October.

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