trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Bindi, the Jungle Girl

Is anyone else watching 'Bindi, the June Girl'?

The boys really like it. I feel sad when I see it because of the footage of her dad before he died.

I also wonder how much the Croc Hunter's best friend, Wes, is moving into the surrogate dad role. He seems to play a rather prominant role in the show and seemed to be like a brother to Steve Irwin.

You know I've been drinking when stupid questions like this actually matter to me.

I think of a small girl who has lost her dad (and her young brother, but he is too young to really understand it), and I can't help but think of my boys and how they would feel if something happened to one of us.

I was five when my dad passed away, and I barely remember him. Bindi was eight, so I hope she has more memories of her dad, along with all the damn video footage of him :)
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