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Life with twins (or my life as a mental health patient)

My twin boys just turned three last week, and what better time
to try to keep my thoughts together through a journal?

We had a good laugh this morning - Matthew was getting his
hair brushed by his dad and Michael was calling him from the
living room.....CONSTANTLY. "Brother! Brother! Brother!".
Matthew finally shouted 'WHAT?', and as he ran out of the
bedroom into the living room, looked at his brother and said,
"What, sweetheart?". I think I've been using terms of
endearment to temper my yelling a bit too often :)

I have no motivation today, having left it somewhere in Las
Vegas after a girls' weekend. Colleen (next door neighbor),
Angela, Kim and about 10 others went to Vegas for three days
and a great time was had by all. We got upgraded to a suite
by a good friend of Colleen's, got free tickets to the Beyonce'
(was amazingly good live), Missy Elliot (see, I actually DID
get to see a strip show in Vegas!) and Alicia Keys (can you
believe someone that popular can put you to sleep so fast?)
concert, and spent Saturday out burning in the sun at the
Mandalay Bay pool. Saturday night was spent dancing into the
wee hours at Studio 54. Sunday was mostly getting up the
motivation to move, and I haven't really gained it back
since then.

Off to put the boys in bed.
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