trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Tempting fate


Talk about tempting fate and being blond.

I'm trying to hang some things in my new office. I have had, about a bottle of wine. My kids are fighting upstairs and I'm trying to ignore them because there's nothing I can do to make it better. Matthew is just in a mood today. I have my iTunes pumped up and am using my skewed perception to figure out where things would look good.

I have three wooden signs, painted black: one says 'Imagine', which I hung over my gold Sgt. Pepper's album, one says 'Believe', and I hung it over a tall bookcase on one side of the window in my office (which means it is pretty high up). I thought I would hang the third on the opposite side of the window, which is over the corner part of my desk.

I tried standing in my executive chair and leaning in over the desk to reach the top of the window, but felt like it was going to roll out from under me. So, I planted one foot on each side of the desk and leaned up to hang it. I really had to stretch for one side, and that's when I realized I was hanging a sign that said 'Laugh'.

I had a vision of me falling from the desk and the irony of hanging a sign that said 'laugh' while drunk and taking stupid risks :)

Welcome to my life.

BTW - my boys are six and I just set up for two girls to spend the night with them on Friday. :) Yep - the girls from the pictures. Starting them young, huh?
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