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Da Nile

Today was my one day to sleep in before Scott leaves again (he stayed home a couple of days! YAY!) and the kids came in to wake me up every 5 minutes from 7 am until I finally gave up at 9. ARGH!

Last night, I finished the garage painting. The floor looks FAB and cleans up so easily. I'll have to take pictures later, since we can't park cars in it for 7 days.

Since I got such a late start on the second half of the floor, I was still out there working on it a couple of hours after dark.


They were out in force last night, I guess, and my dripping sweat was probably a siren call. I've counted at least 20, and know there are more.

I'm waiting for the West Nile virus *laugh* I checked the CDC web site this morning and they have found it in animals and mosquitos here in Texas. Last night I probably stuck myself out there going 'PLEASE! Please make me the first human victim in Texas!'

(Note - I'm being facetious. I know I probably won't get West Nile. I'm just a big mosquito bump and took some Benadryl a little while ago, so I'm kind of loopy)

On a brighter note - took my mom to IHOP yesterday for lunch. They have the yummiest and most dangerous thing EVER: stuffed french toast. I got the banana caramel, which had a banana cream in the middle, was cooked up, the sliced bananas were put on top and drizzled lightly with caramel. I love IHOP.


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Jun. 9th, 2007 10:55 pm (UTC)
Man, oh man! IHOP is the greatest, isn't it? I think I put five pounds on each of my thighs just reading about your stuffed french toast. But my favorite is those really thin crepes, drenched in lemon, dusted with powdered sugar, and then drowned in blueberry syrup. (my nipples just got hard).

As for your mosquito bites, I'm not at all surprised that they are drawn to you. And you can relax about the West Nile now that they've found the cure. It is none other than the Interferon injections we had to take. Yippeeee!

Then again, it serves you right for being so damned productive. What are you thinking, paining the garage floor? Don't make me come over there!

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