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The perils of single motherhood

I really am glad that Scott has a job finally, and a little time apart certainly helps after a couple of years of 24 hours a day together. But good LORD, he needs to find another job. He has been gone more often than he has been home ever since starting this job. We knew that he would have to be gone tomorrow, and for three days next week. Well, they let him know this afternoon that he has to go on a trip in between. He has to go somewhere tomorrow, then fly tomorrow night out to California. He comes home Saturday night, then leaves back out Monday morning. He doesn't come back home until late Friday night.

At least I'm in between classes until January.

So, it is almost two weeks of single parenting. I don't know how people do it all of the time, other than that they don't have a choice. That's the response I use when people ask me how I 'do it' (parent twin boys). 'I didn't realize I had a choice.'

I hope Matthew gets over his stomach bug soon. He stayed home today, and since he isn't totally well he'll have to stay home tomorrow. I hope my mom can help out while I work tomorrow since I have a project launching at the end of the week.

On a more positive note, I've found some great deals recently on things for the kids. I got them a couple of belts, some new shirts that were on sale for $2 each. I'm trying to find some footed pajamas for this winter, but haven't found good deals yet. I need to look on Ebay, but you never know how thick or what the actual condition is. Matthew has become attached to some dinosaur footed pajamas - he's a dinosaur nut. He wants to wear them EVERY night, but I am NOT washing them every day. No way :) Hmm, guess I might take a look on Ebay anyway.


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Nov. 10th, 2004 08:40 pm (UTC)
you say "sale" and I think "sweatshop"
"... a couple of belts, some new shirts that were on sale for $2 each" which reminds me of a piece on LinkTV (my new favorite channel) about some of the sweatshops in Saipan where many big-name clothing makers hire contract labor (apparently paying the workers is somewhat optional, as are things like breathing masks, fire escapes, etc.). Amazingly, they can legally say "Made in the USA" because it's a US colony (and I thought Guam and Puerto Rico were our only colonies - silly me!).

I A9'ed for "saipan sweatshop" and found SweatShopWatch.org which is just a bundle of laughs (not).

Trish, you really need to be The Perfect Plano Mom and shop only at Neiman-Marcus for the twins' clothes. I'm betting they don't sell $2 shirts! Then again, it's near impossible to know the conditions under which any given clothes are made; the garment industry could use a verifiable program like the Fair Trade Coffee label, eh?

How did I get off on this rant? Blame continued fallout from 11/2! Time for me to go have some nice herbal tea and calm down ...
Nov. 10th, 2004 10:17 pm (UTC)
Re: you say "sale" and I think "sweatshop"
Ah, yes, because I am made of money. :) There are times even Nordstrom Rack is out of my reach. You know my employer, GB. You think I'm making the big bucks? *laugh*

I don't know how people spend $50 or more on an outfit for a child when they will only get to wear it for a few months. I buy pants for these guys and they are too short in no time!

Anyway, I was raised that a sale is something to be sought out and praised! You must look for garage sales, resale shops, discount racks and any other location where you can spend less money that other people for things you probably didn't need in the first place.

It's an addiction, really :)
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