trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

The CUTEST thing ever

Saturday, we went over to Angela's house and stayed over. On the way, I caught Matthew saying something about his 'girlfriend'. When I asked, he clammed up but I dragged out that it was K (Angela's four-year-old) and that he 'loves her'. :) Going after the younger women already!

What surprised me was Michael with T (Ang's eight-year-old). He's always gravitated towards her because she is older, and Michael is a bit more mature. However, he has never really shown an 'interest' in a girl.

Imagine my surprise when we went out for lunch and we saw this:

How cute are the two pairs walking side by side with Michael and T holding hands?????

It got even better when we were eating. T was reading the menu for Michael, and they got the same drinks. When their food got to the table, they agreed to share. Later, we got treated to a good 5 minutes of this:

Oh, some explanation is needed.

The snake, the ladybug, the butterfly and the tiger:

Ok, enough fawning over how damn cute my kids are. I'm taking my sore body to bed.
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