trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Ouch. Just ouch.

Tonight is the first night in the new room for the boys!!!!!

Yes, I finally finished. I'm even close on the other two rooms.

Part of getting this much done today, while it was raining and icky outside, was making umpteen-billion trips up and down the stairs hauling boxes of stuff and furniture. A good bit of the day was spent taking apart the bunk beds and putting them back together upstairs. At one point I thought I was just going to throw them at the wall and go buy a new bed. It was that frustrating. I thought it was going to fall apart or fall on me. Thankfully, all went well in the end and the bed went back together stronger than ever.

If I ever get it into my head to take apart bunk beds downstairs, haul it upstairs and put it back together...BY MYSELF...please come smack me. I need to come to my senses. It's time for a 'You aren't Superwoman' intervention.

I broke down all of my office and pulled it downstairs, took all of their toys upstairs and went to Home Depot to get some green tinted primer for the play room. I taped the accent wall up, but DAMN, I already hurt. I had to stop.

If I hurt this much now, what will I feel like in the morning? Will I be able to MOVE? We'll see!

Ignore the brown dresser and big-ass TV. Tomorrow night a friend will be coming over to help me move the TV (See! I CAN admit I can't do everything by myself!) so that I can paint the dresser white with blue and green drawers.

That pink wall is SOOOOOO gone this week.

There might be a bunch of stuff sitting around in the room, which I've since cleaned up, but at least the toy closet is all done.

Now I have to figure out EXACTLY what I want to do with my office downstairs before setting the furniture and bookshelves back up.
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