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Room progress

(Quick note: I LOVE the Beatles, and I truly like Kelly Clarkson. However, please don't ever mix the two again. No comment on the rest of them. I guess I'm just sensitive to Beatles remakes. It's all slaughter in my mind.)

(Another quick note: tomorrow is the last day of school!!!!!)

I'm making a great deal of progress on the kids' new room! Last night I did the base coat and tonight I did the sponging. Although the boys love it, I sort of liked the base coat by itself more than the end result after sponging. It's so dark, but it does have an 'Under the Sea' feel to it. I actually was singing songs from 'The Little Mermaid' while painting *laugh*

The beautiful blue base coat:

The end result, before taking off the painters tape. I've pulled the window seat up there but haven't finished the cushion yet. There will be two tall white bookcases on either side of the seat and the dresser you can see a small piece of off to the right will be painted white. I'm also thinking now that it looks like the ocean, getting some fish cutouts and pasting them along the top of the walls.

The bench with the cushion on it, although the bottom hasn't been sewn yet:

I have also moved the queen bed into my old office. I'm moving all of my office stuff over to one side of the room so I can repaint the pink accent wall to a more appropriate color for a boys playroom :) I am thinking a dark green:

This is what I felt like:

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