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Photo update on remodeling

Boy, the house gets TRASHED while trying to remodel three rooms at one time. :)

Here is the bunk bed now that it is white. Last night I moved Michael's mattress back, along with his 'tent', and this morning moved Matthew back.

This is the view up from the bottom bunk, showing the green material I hung over the slats.

The bed with both tents in place.

Just a portion of the books I'm packing up to take to Half-Price books:

This is the material that started it all. Michael wanted blue and Matthew wanted green. We walked around IKEA and found this comforter cover and pillowcases. It has those small green dots, which we matched for all of the green accents in the room, and we selected two of the blue hues (dark and a light) for the blue accents and the wall.

I wanted one more 'fun' accent fabric, so I found this on sale at Joann Fabrics. I need to get more of it. Right now, it will only be used to cover the cushion on the window seat:

I also got two 'plain' fabrics in the colors to use for various things - pillows, covering storage cubes, etc. I'm not sure why this photo makes the green look more lime than it is and the blue more purple, but they are really a match for the colors in the other fabrics.

I got letters to paint and hang on their wall

Right now, I'm using the window seat bench as a sewing table :)

This is the room they will be moving to. I'll have to take the ceiling fan out since they have bunk beds, like we did in their current room.

I plan to sand down and paint this dresser white, with the drawers alternating blue and green. I also want to find some fun hardware for the drawer pulls. I would be working on that project this weekend BUT I can't budge that TV. It's way too heavy for one person, especially in my 'condition'.

The walk-in closet in their new room. Their bunk beds fit perfectly off to the right of that closet door.

My current office, which will be moved downstairs. I'm going to repaint that accent wall a sort of forrest green, move the queen guest bed in there, the TV, and use it as a play room for the boys. Right now, it is just STUFFED with stuff as I sort what needs to be thrown away, stored in the attic, or moved down into the new office.

The walk-in closet in my current office. It used to be stuffed floor to ceiling, so I've actually made a LOT of progress here.

I am going to sell our cribs, so I pulled them down to put them together and make sure everything is there.

Just a SMALL portion of the trash I'm generating and need to take to the dump. There is a large amount out in the garage, and some upstairs I still haven't brought down. I think I'll be making two huge trips to the dump in the next week or so.

I miss my clean house, but this is REALLY making me feel good and passing the time while Scott is gone. It needed to be done because the kids have outgrown that small office/bedroom downstairs, and I really don't use my big office much anymore thanks to our wireless network. I'm taking things slow, plan to take everything out of the boys new room, paint it, once dry, set up the window seat and shelves, and only then move their current furniture and clothes up there. Then, I'll move all of my office stuff in boxes out of the spare room, paint the access wall and move in the bed, TV stand, and bring up their toy boxes and all of the toys. I'm also going to bring up their video game systems, and MAYBE their computer, too.

At that point, the room down here should be empty, so I can paint it for my new office. OH! I'm going to have to switch the ceiling fan upstairs in their new room for the light fixture they have now. Hmmm. Something I've never done before. If you don't hear from me for a while, be scared :)

Anyway, for now, I think I'm going to feed the kids lunch and take a nap. If we'll be playing volleyball all evening, I'll need my energy. *laugh*

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