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I need to take a nap. I didn't realize Scott had to leave so early today for his business trip, and thought I might get to sleep in. No dice. Especially not with dogs who have upset stomachs, a kid with an upset stomach, and another who kept coming in saying "It's morning!"

Angela and I went to the Gwen Stefani and Akon concert last night. It's was a really good show. I just wish the noise hadn't given me a headache. I'm adament it was the noise and not the ample amount of margaritas I had consumed. :) We were close enough to have a good view, except for the line of kids one row in front of us (we were in the second row of the second section) who stood up and danced with their arms in the air almost continually. That meant the two old broads behind them had to stand their weary bodies up the whole time too.

Weirdest feeling of the night? You know how you can feel really loud, low bass in your chest? Well, you can also feel it in a saline-filled breast expander. Very strange.

I gave in and got two t-shirts because I fell in love with them. One has a cartoon very stylized Gwen on the back and just GWEN along the front. The other is a black t-shirt with Gwen in a very Madonna-like pose (Madonna as in the singer, in her earlier days).

Ok, I need to sleep now.