trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

What has happened to the immune systems in our house?

Last week Scott came down with bronchitis. He's been battling it around traveling for work, but seems to be getting better.

Last night was supposed to be a relaxing evening with friends. We got invited next door for pizza, drinks and for the kids to all run around together. Very early into the evening, Matthew started having meltdowns. I don't know whether the older kids were picking on him or whether he just wasn't getting his way. I gave him two chances, and on the third meltdown I left Michael and Scott over there and brought Matthew home. He did calm down after a while and I held him until he fell asleep. I should have known something was wrong them. Matthew just doesn't have meltdowns like that.

Michael has had a cough, which is only getting worse. I wonder if he is getting bronchitis, or worse. He's a trouper, and even though he is a little slow and asks for medicine to make it stop, he's in a pretty good mood. He's over playing his computer games right now and I'm tempted to just let him keep doing that for as long as he's happy just to keep him 'resting'.

The boys work up at 7:30 this morning for breakfast. Around 10:30, I stopped hearing from Matthew playing. I looked around and found him asleep in his bed. It really must be that his meltdowns last night were because he started getting sick.

How am _I_ not sick? It's usually the other way around. Well, I'm not questioning it, but I want my men to start feeling better.

Anyway, I'm starting to plan for my excuse to drink with the girls jewelry party on the 19th. I have to plan munchies and drinks, and clean up the house. Scott will be out of town that week, coming home that night, so maybe it won't be so hard. I'm really looking forward to earning free jewelry!!!! WOOHOO!!!
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