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A special kind of thanks

I made several CDs of music for a good friend of mine, but only recently got around to sending it to him. The first words out of his mouth weren't 'Thank you'. They weren't even 'You had some duplicates on here, but I can see you took a lot of time for this'. They were:

Were u on pills when u made these cds?

*head desk* Yes. He asked if I was HIGH when I made them.

Ouch :)


Apr. 11th, 2007 02:57 am (UTC)
Yanno, I probably would have asked the same thing, knowing that you wouldn't disown me for it. And I would have asked because it would have made it more special if you were high. I'd have to be on a really good list of special people if you were thinking of me, alongside all the other things one thinks of and enjoys when one is "sailing".