trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

What a BIG help

I swear, my mother isn't exactly the best help. She tries (I think). God bless her heart.

In the short hours I have been home, while Scott is taking a nap, she has washed two loads of clothes for the boys, which entailed asking me each step of the way how much clothes could go in the load, what water temp to wash them on, how much soap to put in and how to start the washer. She made THREE trips to get new clothes for the second load, losing her breath each time. She was panting by the time she got back and spilled liquid soap EVERYWHERE...because I make her nervous.

She asked me what could be done for the kids' dinner, so I ended up making their dinner.

She keeps asking over and over 'What can I do for you?' "Let me know when you want me to do something for you.". What would I like? Get some gumption and actually help out here. Don't ask me every step of the way or I might as well be doing it myself! Let me rest. Give me quiet. Don't annoy me.

I love her, but I swear she isn't the biggest help around here. There are things I can tell my kids to do with less explanation than I have to give my mom. *sigh*
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