trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Picture post 1 - redecorating

I've posted saying how frantic I've been the last week with keeping my mind OFF of surgery. I also documented this in pictures.

Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of the huge garage sale. I DID take pictures of the results - what I have been able to do with the money.

Ok, I need to be honest. I did a lot of this WITHOUT garage sale money and was just damn glad I made enough to make up for what I had spent. *laugh*

Here is what I did with the guest bathroom - new paint, new shower curtain, new floor, new lights:

Here is the master bath. I want to put new flooring in here too, but it will be a MUCH bigger job than the guest bath since it's about the size of a small bedroom.

This is the mirror I've been refinishing and need to find a good place to hang. I still haven't decided whether I will paint it or leave it as is.

Not to forget that I did clean out a HUGE closet and put up shelves in there to organize the kids' toys and crafts, as well as my crafts.

Finally, the small amount of work I've done in our room. Ignore the fringes of the junk that's in there. That's where I throw everything when working on OTHER parts of the house :)

I'm quite pleased with myself. Now is time to rest and recover.

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