trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

The sky is falling

So much for the 'baseless sense of impending doom'. Today was one of major highs and lows.

- I went for my pre-op 'human whiteboard' appointment with the reconstructive surgeon. I look like a rainbow, and have photos to prove it. They did, however, make me cry.

* The sad cry was when they told me that they needed to push back my surgery a bit (it's still next week) which would have me still in the hospital on my birthday. I'll miss Easter with the kids and my birthday. Maybe we'll do Easter next week instead.

* The happy cry was when I asked the doctor about a small pocket of fat just above my 'new' bellybutton. I was prepared to ask him how much out of pocket I would have to pay to get him to smooth that out. He surprised me by saying that he wanted me to have the best body possible, and he would do 'body sculpting' to smooth out my stomach, sides and possibly back to give me a 'bikini body'. He said he would be fairly aggressive so I would really like it. Then he said my favorite word: Free. Yep. You heard right, he's going to throw in body contouring for FREE. That right there tells you how much he's making off me and my insurance company for these five surgeries when only one was scheduled. Either that or he feels bad about making me be in the hospital for my birthday :)

- When I got my car back from the valet (what? Don't all of your doctors have valet service?) it ran like SHIT.

* Bad news - I barely made it to the dealer, driving straight there from the doctor. One of the cylinders is misfiring and it felt like it was going to die any minute.

* Good news - covered by warranty.

- As I walked in the door after the Ford courtesy van dropped me at my house, my work phone was ringing. It was my boss. A few weeks back, one of my coworkers had a cold. She then got put in the hospital because they thought it was pneumonia. Then she went out on medical leave. Now she's dead. Cancer. There is no good and bad on this. Just bad.

I'm off to paint the bathroom now, because I just can't take ending the day on a bad note.
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