trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

This is how it begins...

I finally took the last step into geekdom for my boys. They are five - turning six next month. They already play tons of RPG games on computers, and even grind for Daddy in WoW. They have turned into some blend of geek and skater. They own skateboards and listen to old-school punk, yet know more about computers at 5 than I knew at 25.

Tuesday night, I went by the gaming store and got them T-Rex, Dungeoneer and Munchkin Fu. Dungeoneer might take a while to learn for them, but they caught right on to Munchkin Fu. Ok, so they can't really read yet *laugh* but they have learned how to tell if it is a class, style or monster card and they get the concept of drawing, adding up their level and bonuses, rolling the die when needed and how the different things work together. I think the computer RPG games helped in this, or maybe the fact they watch too much Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon.

Has anyone else been gaming with their kids this young? Any pointers on how to ease them into it? Any other games that might work for young kids?
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