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Scott went to Kansas City for a couple of days for business, so tonight is fun night with the boys. We are making homemade granola bars! This has been lots of fun and Michael and Matthew seemed to enjoy helping. We mixed together lots of natural oats, fat-free condensed milk, some dried fruit, coconut, nuts (no peanuts for Matthew!) and mini-MnM's. Baked that for a half hour at 350, then spread white chocolate chips across the top and cooked 5 minutes more.

They smell DELICIOUS!!!! I can't wait to dig in tonight once they cool.

*UPDATE* - They tasted WONDERFUL!!! We made too much, though. I now have three tins full. I guess I'll be handing them out to the neighbors.

It's things like this that I miss the most when I'm out of town on business, which I will be Tuesday through Friday of next week. Thankfully, Saturday is our steamer, so I get to relax with friends and family to make up for it.

I'm also having an awesome jewelry party on November 19. I've been to two parties other people have given and have always loved the stuff, so I'm looking forward to the free jewelry I'll get for hosting!!!! And any excuse to get together with the girls and drink!

Now I just need to figure out how to start selling my own jewelry. I've been spending a lot of time making bead bracelets. Everything from faux pearl and crystal bracelets with silver or gold beads, to nicer clasp bracelets made with swarovsky crystals and a nicer grade of silver and charms. I think I've made a couple of dozen so far, and made quite a few as gifts for friends. I made a name bracelet for Riley, the little girl next door, when she had her tonsils out and then a few nights later had to make some for two other little girls we know when they saw Riley's. I've also made myself a mother's bracelet with the names of my children in silver on dual chains. I really do like doing this, and just need to figure out how to make money doing it - at least enough to buy more supplies.

Does anyone know the minimum you need to do to sell 'crafts'? I have a federal tax ID already from when we had a nanny, but I'm sure there are other things I need to take care of.

*sigh* So many dreams.

*UPDATE* I also figured out that yesterday when we went to the surgery center I had put my driver's license, insurance card and ATM card in Scott's wallet. We forgot to take them out and they are now on a trip to Kansas City as well. Hope I don't need any cash over the next day or so!
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