trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

What a great last day of leave!

It's been a great day, and I'm ready to go back to work tomorrow.

Bought some awesome 800-thread count, 100% cotton sateen sheets on sale. YAY!

I had a two-hour nap. In bed.

I slept ALL NIGHT last night.

Angela came over and drank a bottle of wine with me.

The wine made me ready to go back to limited Tae Kwon Do. (Shhh. Don't tell my doctor!) I AM SO HAPPY!!!! I have missed TKD and the way it makes me feel. I can't spar, I can't jump, I can't do any abdominal work, and I can't do falls and rolls. Everything else, I did it! This Thursday, I am going to test for my second purple stripe. They are 'adding in' a couple of levels for Michael and Matthew to let them gain some maturity before moving to the next class. They will get a third, and a fourth if needed, purple stripe before their purple belt.

OH! Best part of tonight? I noticed my name on a board in the class, and asked about it as we were leaving. I got VIP of the week because of my 'positive attitude' and for coming back and throwing in as much as I could. YAY!

I even got to break boards tonight for the first time!!! I powered through the orange (second level board), so the instructor took me up to a green board (level three). Ummm. Well. I broke it! Damn near broke my hand though. *laugh* It brought up a blood blister on my pinky knuckle, with a large bruise around it, and then as my knuckles slid past the pieces on the way down I scraped them enough to bleed. I didn't even flinch then, but bitched about it as soon as we got out of the dojo and I have ice on it now.

It was worth it. I SOOO needed to get myself back on the path to working out. It will help my recovery in the long-run. It took me down so hard to recover from this last bout after having been out of exercise for almost 2 months prior.

Of course, I ruined all of my work tonight by coming home and digging into the King Cake I had delivered. There is NOTHING like a Paul's Pastry King Cake out of Picayune, MS. They will deliver it next day. I got a double deluxe, which is four different fruits (four sections) over cream cheese.

YUM!!!!!!! And I didn't get the baby (yet)!!!!!
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