trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,


Insomnia. HATE it.

I am so tired, yet can't get to sleep. Since I had several drinks this evening, I won't take an Ambien. I wish I would!

I go into our room and crawl in bed. I can't shut off my mind and I can't shut out Scott's snoring for some reason.

I go onto the couch, but decide that all I will do is read there. Still not going to sleep. (Curse you, Mental_Floss!!!!)

Go back to bed. Still snoring. Still uncomfortable. Still hosting a 90-mile-an-hour brain.

Now I'm in my nest, e.g. my recliner. (Again, thank you Mental_Floss for drilling into my head the difference in the usage of i.e. and e.g.) I wonder if my rattie-boys do this every night? They are leaping around their cage, playing, squeaking, running in their huge-ass wheel and Oreo is banging the cage at me to get my attention. Distracting, but not as distracting as the computer.

Time to turn on the reading lamp and just give in to the fact that I'll probably get to sleep around 4, get up with the kids a few hours later, and then take a massive nap shortly thereafter.
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