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Michael had the sniffles last week, but felt better by Thursday. The only day he was out of school was Wednesday. I took him to the doctor on Tuesday, despite the ice, just to make sure he didn't have strep or anything. Their in-office test came back negative, so they said it was probably just a viral infection and gave us antibiotics. It helped him quite a bit, quite quickly.

Because of the negative test, and him feeling so much better, I didn't think anything about absolute_lethe and family coming for the weekend.

I HOPE you guys don't get sick!!!!

They called to say that Michael's test got back from the actual lab and it WAS strep. Also, last night, Matthew started getting a fever and said his throat hurt. My ear started hurting. By this morning, I knew the two of us were SICK. I took Michael to school, and booked morning appointments for Matthew and me with our respective doctors.

I have infections in both ears, and probably strep. They didn't test because Michael had it, and because they would be treating the ear infections with the same antibiotics, we just didn't run the test. I feel like warm death. My head is dizzy and aches. My ear is being jabbed by an icepick.

Matthew. Poor Matthew. He has about the same thing. One ear is infected already, and they took the strep test. They didn't wait for the in-office results for the same reason they didn't even bother with mine. We've been laying on the couch all day, until time to go pick up Michael. We got up, and maybe it was the movement, but he goes RUNNING for the bathroom and pukes. I waited a minute and gave him some Phenergan. We sat by the toilet for a few minutes to make sure it stayed down and I put a cold, wet cloth on his neck. Once the medicine kicked in, he felt better. He was amazed and said 'Mom! My throat doesn't hurt anymore!'. Yeah, son. That's not what that medicine was for, but it WILL make you feel sleepy and loopy. *laugh*

Hopefully, we will get over it as quickly as Michael did.

Please, PLEASE don't let absolute_lethe and her family get sick!!!!! I would feel horrible.
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