trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Oh please, oh please.

It's 4 in the freaking morning. Michael has a 101 fever, with a barky cough and sore throat. Matthew is having bad dreams. I'm just really uncomfortable and had JUST gotten to sleep. Fuck.

We got a call from the boys' vice-principal because there is a rule in their school district that if you miss 10 days of school, you don't get promoted to the next grade. This is KINDERGARTEN folks. I have Matthew with an immunodeficiency who missed all of 4 days because of it, and we kept them out 2 for the holidays to go to Indiana. Michael has missed 3 days sick and the 2 days for Indiana. So we got a 'warning'.

Well, I suppose I could look at it like keeping Michael home today means he and brother have the same number of days out.

I'll say it again. Fuck. Please let me go back to sleep for the couple of hours I have left before getting Matthew ready for school.
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