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Pictures of our new babies

Finally got some pictures of the babies.

Brick (the lighter hooded to the left), Angel (black hooded hiding his nose) and Oreo:

A Brick, Angel and Oreo snugglepile:

View of the cage:

A little while ago, for the first time since bringing them home, I got out each boy one at a time and let them explore my lap and hands, get lots of skritches and know that there wasn't anything to fear. The boys gave them gentle pets across the back. They all seem to have really great temperments. Oreo ("my" boy) is slightly smaller than the others, but he is the bravest one and more of a loner. Brick is Matthew's boy, and Angel is Michael's.


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Dec. 31st, 2006 11:06 pm (UTC)

My g/f has rats as well.
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