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Update from post-op concerns

Went to see a partner of my plastic surgeon today because of the concerns I had (pic line oozing on Sunday, rock hard skin under right arm, VERY sharp pains under left arm, etc.). We got some things figured out and we go back tomorrow to deal with some others. Short update:

- They removed one drain under the right arm. The 'hard skin' was actually where the two drains were. Since there is no tissue there, just loose skin, it felt odd to me. When they removed one of the drains, I could feel it pull across my chest and there was a large clot they had to remove that had formed around it.

- Under my right arm, they removed some of the massive dressings they had put there on Friday. One of the drains wasn't working, so they removed it and replaced it with a new one. They also moved around the other one to try to get better drainage from it.

- I have fluid building up on Lumpy and across the left side of my belly. They may drain it off tomorrow while in the office, but we'll see. They want to do it in conjunction with radiology if at all possible.

- They removed some other post-op dressing, like across Flattie. I should have called it Flabby, because I didn't realize they had just left all of the skin there under the dressing, in anticipation of reconstruction.

- I got the ok to treat my pain as I needed, instead of just limiting myself to 1 every 4 hours. They'll refill me tomorrow. I was in so much pain, but hesitant to take more except for at night so I could sleep. At least this way I'll be more comfortable the rest of the time while I heal.

We did have one awkward moment tonight where I had gone into our bathroom to refix some of my drains. I had my shirt and bra off, so you could see both breasts. Michael ran into the bathroom, and suddenly stopped. He looked very concerned, so I had Scott run talk to him about how mommy has a bad boo-boo, but we know that boo-boos get better. Before long, it will look more like mommy's normal chest did. In the meanwhile, there will be bruising, stitching and lots of funny equipment which are all normal and there to help me heal. I can only imagine what he thinks now.

Gonna go off and eat dinner now, try to relax and read for a while.


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Dec. 27th, 2006 12:35 am (UTC)
I hate that we're leaving town tomorrow. I want to be there with you NOW!!!

I talked to my mom tonight, and it is a 90% certainty that I'll have to bring the LG with me. She is traveling during that time period and can't keep him. I'm kinda relieved about that because I'm not sure she's really up to watching him anyway.

We head to JAX tomorrow - if I can stop throwing up - and will have a pretty free day on Friday. That's when I'll check airfares and will try to book our flights. I'll let you know when we can be there.
Dec. 27th, 2006 01:30 pm (UTC)
Oh God. I remember my mother was so insistent on showing me her scar and whatever post surgery but I refused to. The thought of it makes me faint. I don't want to see my mother like that.

She's had the reconstruction/implants put in already and said that was MUCH easier than the removal surgery. She still has sharp pains under her arms, though.
Dec. 27th, 2006 02:48 pm (UTC)
I'm hoping with him being five he won't really remember it as more than a concept - Mommy had surgery. It is surprising to me that the most pain is coming from under my arms instead of from the front chest wall or belly. I guess taking out those lymph nodes, and then having to drain that hematoma on one side has made the sides super sensitive.

I'm glad to hear the reconstruction alone was easier than the removal. This one was hard not only because of the complications, but also because it was removal of both breasts and immediate reconstruction of both. Trying to put all of that together.

There is one funny thing to come out of it. When I was pregnant with the boys, I got REALLY big. They were both over 6 1/2 pounds. My belly below the navel was just covered in stretch marks. The good thing about using the abdominal tissue for reconstruction is the tummy tuck you get, which gets rid of that whole section of skin. BUT!!!! They use a small circle of it where the nipple used to be to close off the reconstruction (nipple and tattooed areola come later).

I can see one of my stretch marks across my new pseudo-nipple area *laugh* It makes me sort of giggle whenever I see it. :)
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