trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

End of my rope

I had this hump where I had lots of energy and felt relatively good. I was so glad to get home.

I'm over that hump. I do NOT feel good. My sides hurt. My stomach hurts. I can't get comfortable. Lumpy feels like it is about to explode. Flattie feels as if it is hard as a rock. They have me all taped up so I can't see whether there is a problem or not with my side.

I am throwing myself a pity party here. I'm exhausted. In a half hour, I get another pain killer. He has me on one every four hours. It doesn't really touch things. I'll be calling them tomorrow to find out when I can come in post-op and make sure everything is ok and discuss the pain levels.

Last night, in order to get some sleep, I took an Ambien and doubled up on my pain meds. I think I actually got four uninterrupted hours of sleep! It felt so good, but now I'm back to 'normal'.

How am I ever going to go through another reconstruction in 6 months? I'll be so terrified of complications. I'll be scared of being in pain again. I have to have it done, but this time has me gun shy.

I am also on a timeline to get to feeling better. Scott has to go on travel January 15 and will be gone for two weeks straight. georgiaskydiver, this is when I really hope you can come visit for a little while. At that point, I'll only be driving for a week or so.

PLEASE make the pain go away. I'm such a wuss.
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