trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

'Twas the night before Christmas

Santa has arrived at our house! And let me tell you she is fucking EXHAUSTED now. :)

I thought I got a lot of cool stuff for the kids, and showed much restraint compared with years past. Until the husband got his hands on a PS3. See, if you are able to actually BUY one, why not? So the 'boys' big present is probably no longer skateboards, but a PS3 and 4 games.

Scott cooked a wonderful Christmas eve dinner which had NOTHING to do with tradition *laugh* He boiled lobsters, made a wonderful spicy mushroom butter to dip in, wilted spinach with mushrooms, and roasted garlic on french bread. I'm so stuffed and ate so much garlic I'm sure I'll still be smelling of it tomorrow.

Earlier today, two girls from my mothers of multiples group were nice enough to bring our Christmas dinner. It's a family friendly meal of ham, mashed potatoes, mac-n-cheese, rolls, and they remembered something we TOTALLY forgot!!! Cookies for Santa and carrot sticks for the reigndeer. Whew!

The boys set those out for Santa and went to sleep a couple of hours ago. I've got my trusty camera, and the camcorder is set up. I can't wait to see them with their new toys! That is the best part of Christmas - seeing the joy of others.

BTW - I broke one of my mom's gifts right in front of her tonight. I had this clear-resin angel, playing a violin, with white fuzzy wings. I put her stocking up and the tie loosened and it fell to the floor. I glanced in and saw the fiddle was floating around by itself. Hopefully, it is something I can fix for her later. I'm glad it isn't her only gift.

I tell you what, though. It is GOOD to be home but I am SORE. The hysterectomy did not approach the level of soreness I have right now. My stomach feels like I've eaten too much constantly, I'm hunched over, I have an incision from hipbone to hipbone, I can only lay on my back (I'm not a back sleeper), my chest has had a bomb set off in it I think, and where they drained the hematoma under my arm on Friday is very sore.

I do take a look at the general size of the breast I have, and it seems like a size I will be very happy with. Looks to be about a mid-C cup. I can place my hand under it and it doesn't just FLOP there into my hand. Some of that might be swelling, but we'll see *laugh*

Oh yeah - I did a bunch of internet ordering yesterday, which I know won't be around for a few days even though I put a rush on it. I bought several different kinds of mastectomy camisoles and bras, along with different kinds of adjustable breast inserts. I've got to figure out how to look 'normal' in clothes with this for a while.

Can't wait until tomorrow! I hope you all have the merriest of Christmas'.
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