trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Say it ain't so

Scott went to run errands and go to the grocery store today. He never made it to the grocery store because he actually was there when a store got 6 Playstation 3s, so he bought one. He's working on it right now. There goes out house for the weekend. Might as well not have Christmas.

Sad thing is that I bought a stand-alone Dance-Dance-Revolution 'like' game for the kids and myself, because we didn't have a playstation for the real DDR. Now, we do. I've just already bought this other game. I wonder if I can find the receipt in there to return it and put that towards the real game.


I'm still sore as can be, especially under my arm where they did that last procedure. I'm paranoid about infections, because of all that happened to me in the hospital and the fact that Amy is back in the hospital with infections in most of her incisions. We had parallel surgeries at one time, and were 2 rooms from one another. She got released on Tuesday, me on Friday, and I found that she was readmitted last night.

We thought that we could remove the gauze and bandage over where they removed my pic line. It started oozing a bit, but only like a reddish tinged fluid. Similar to what is draining from all of my other surgical sites. It was enough that I freaked and Scott put on new gauze and taped it down :)

now, I must go sleep.
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