trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Home again!

It's a miracle. I'm home. It took some stubbornness and a lot of 'no, I'm going home tonight.' declarations.

Thursday evening, I noticed that a large amount of swelling was happening under my left armpit. It's like Lumpy (the left breast, as opposed to Flattie, the right breast) had a twin growing under my arm. It got really sore, and I kept pushing with all of the staff that it be looked at. It kept getting bigger and sorer until someone DID get me the fellow that works under my plastic surgeon, and he got the plastic surgeon.

Today (Friday), about 10 am, we did an ultrasound (with the surgeon actually THERE!). I had a softball sized hematoma, mostly blood and fluid, but some tissue, which would need to be removed. Wait! You mean ANOTHER procedure under sedation????? Yes, folks! At 3 pm, I was taken BACK into an OR to have it removed, stitched up, and two additional drains put in.

I was really sleepy when I got back to the room, so I slept a couple of hours. Then I got up, peed, ate some dinner, and started ringing for the nurse to bring me oral pain meds and take my pic line out. The doctor came to discuss discharge info, they got everything ready on their side, we got packed up and along came the guy with the wheelchair.

It feels good to be home, and have gentle hugs and kisses from the boys. The couch is proving to be not so easy because it isn't as supportive, or as changeable, as the hospital bed. Hard to get off of as it is so soft. Not as soft as our bed, but still a challenge. I'm glad I have strong legs.

Two days until Christmas, and I DID IT! I'm home.

Now to try to make the couch comfortable in a more sitting position so maybe it will be easier to get up.

BTW - I feel like I have a ring of satellites - small, swishing, swirling bulbs of plastic that move when I do and are arranged in a neat path along half of my midsection (only my back is clear).
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