trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Almond Joy's got nuts, but....

Sometimes you feel like a breast, sometimes you don't.
My left side's got breast, right don't.
Because....sometimes you feel like a breast, sometimes you don't!

Can we say yay for on demand morphine drips?

And friends? :) The things everyone said tonight meant so much to me. I also had a few visitors. I had called Angela and told her she needed to come visit. NOW. Her and Colleen came up with their four kids, they brightened up the room, pulled my shades all of the way up, and the kids sang Christmas songs for me. An hour or so after they left, my husband came in with my friend, Mike. Mike came bearing an egg nog milk shake which is one of my FAVORITES. I shoved it down in a big mug and cheated :) I mean, it's not CLEAR, but it is a liquid, right?

I got to talk to semantique on the phone for a while tonight, and that was great. It's a good thing they plan to get me out of here on Saturday, or else my room would have been attacked by elves bearing a Christmas tree *laugh* Also finally got to talk to my half-brother for a few minutes to fill him in on the last couple of weeks.

I threw myself into the grief of things this morning, and I'm sure it won't be the last time. However, it also forced me to reach out and gave me a goal on things to research.

OH! georgiaskydiver - I asked about mail that comes into the hospital and what if it doesn't get here before you check out. They said the mail room forwards it on to the patient's home address. Hopefully, that means nothing would get lost in the cross this weekend like the card you said you sent.

The most pleasant visit today was the most unexpected. Before surgery this morning, like before every surgery, the hospital chaplain swings by to say hi and see if you need anything. Usually, we have a nice 2 minute chat, and I thank them for keeping me and the doctors in their prayers. I don't think twice about the process. I was quite a bit anxious this morning before the surgery (you think?) and just had a one-minute uncomfortable talk with the female chaplain.

This evening, a woman stopped by and said she had talked to the chaplain today and I was brought up. She thought I needed something special, and the strength of other prayers behind me. The woman tonight brought in a 'prayer pillow'. It's a small pillow, maybe 9"x9" square, in a neutral floral pattern. You can tell it was handmade, yet very well-made with love. It is from a group of women at the Central Christian Church in Dallas. They prayed together over the pillow about me, and then brought it here to be with me. This was such a touching gesture from a stranger. I think if more 'churchfolk' were like that and with more consistency and logic, way more people would attend church.

Ok, rest now. :)
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