trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

When do I get my degree?

Nursing degree, that is. Amy and I both have had problems with drainage from our incision. They want you to walk, but you can't walk without....leaking. Amy just got discharged and gave me some good advice on the things I should ask for before I go home. I'm so jealous she came in a day after me and is leaving a few days earlier :) Not really, but I have to feel good about something.

I finally got myself out of bed, made a trail up to the nurses station, and demanded packages of gauze, cloth tape and new socks. When Amy stopped by on her way out, I was hunched over here packing gauze around my stomach *laugh* I've got to remember MODEESTY. You lose it when you come here, so I didn't realize that I covered up my stomach and left a breast exposed. She sure knows me a bit better now.

Scott is supposed to be up here shortly with DVDs for me to watch and a couple of snacks. It will certainly be good to be home this weekend, no matter how miserable I will feel. I hope to never spend this long in the hospital again, and have this many surgeries back to back.
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